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Find The Perfect Pet For You

Our mission is to find a loving home for pets in need. Our Adoption Center  provides a second chance for many animals every year.

All pets are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, testing, deworming, and flea/tick treatment.


We go to great lengths to ensure our pets are healthy. Many of the  animals we take in have never had veterinary care and require a great  deal of care.

In order to be here to help the animals, we charge  adoption fees to help with some of the costs.​

Our Available Pets

Adoption Fees

Dog & Puppy Adoption Fees

$250 - 8 weeks - 12 weeks

$225 - 12 weeks-16 weeks

$200 - 4 months-6 months

$175- 6 months - 1year

$150 - 1 year and older

$100 - older and little vetting needed

Discount of 25% for adoptions of 2 puppies or dogs adopted together:
2 puppies = $500-$125 discount = $375

Cat and Kitten Adoption Fees

$75 - 8 weeks-12 weeks

$60 - 3 months-6 months

$50 - 6 months-1year

$35 - 1 year and older

Discount on 2 cats or 2 kittens adopted together:

2 kittens -8-12 weeks = $100

2 kittens -3 – 6 months = $80

2 kittens- 6 months – 1 year = $60

2 cats – 1 year or older = $45

Of course the adoption fee doesn't cover the amount that it costs to  provide veterinary care, housing, food and care so please consider making a donation to help.

After You Adopt Information


What happens the first two weeks?


The most important phase dogs go through after the shelter is the Decompression Phase, also known as the Two week shutdown. The Decompression stage lasts anywhere from the first day to a few weeks to even, in extreme cases, months. This guide will show you step-by-step what to do from the moment your rescue arrives through the first days and weeks to set up your foster dog for success.

Click here to learn more about the "Two Week Shutdown"

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