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About Us

Located in Rocky Mount, Virginia, the Franklin County Humane Society was founded in 1977 to prevent cruelty to animals.

Our Adoption Center provides care for over 2,000 animals in need every year.

  • In 2018 we provided care for 2,199  at our Adoption Center. Our 2018 Live Release Rate = 97%

  • In 2019 we provided care for 2,045 at our Adoption CenterOur 2019 Live Release Rate = 98%

  • In 2020 we provided care for 2,346 animals at our Adoption Center. Our 2020 Live Release Rate = 97%

  • In 2021 we provided care for 2,269 animals at our Adoption Center.  Our 2021 Live Release Rate = 97%

  • In 2022 we provided care for 2,032 animals at our Adoption Center.  Our 2022 Live Release Rate = 96%

As of January 1, 2023 our Adoption Center has provided care for 25,616 pets on site and helped many more in other ways.


Live Release Rate is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes.

Planned Pethood Clinic

We opened our low cost spay/neuter clinic in 2000. Our goal at our Planned Pethood Clinic is to stop the needless destruction of healthy dogs, cats, puppies and kittens by reducing pet overpopulation.


High volume low cost spay neuter is essential to is to reduce the numbers of animals entering shelters and pounds each year. Our affordable spay/neuter prices are subsidized by donations.

As of January 1, 2023 our clinic has provided 73,935 spay/neuter surgeries. 


Please consider a donation to “Spay it Forward” for the animals.

Purrfect Treasures

We opened our Purrfect Treasures fundraising store in 2007. Located next door to our Adoption Center, all proceeds go to care for the animals at the Adoption Center.  You will find beautiful new home décor donated by Uttermost and a great "thriftique" shop.


Adoption Center

We opened our Adoption Center in 2009. Our Adoption Center is a wonderful and happy place that provides a safe haven for homeless pets until they go to their forever homes. Our high visibility location and large windows that fill the rooms with light demonstrate our idea to market our pets in a pleasant setting and encourage you to “adopt don’t shop” for your next pet companion.

Dogs relax on beds in large Doggie Dens on the lower level. We added outdoor kennels for daytime use and the dogs enjoy supervised play groups in large fenced areas, enjoy a good game of Jolly Ball with den mates or a dip in the wading pools on a hot day. There is a separate Puppy Play Yard for outdoor romps.  Staff and volunteers walk the dogs on a wooded trail behind the Humane Society.

Kittens and cats are housed in the Kitten and Cat Rooms on the upper level. The rooms have large storefront windows that bring in light and provide visual stimulation. Cats enjoy climbing ladders to perches on top of the cat condos.

The Adoption Center also has Animal Food Kitchens, a Grooming Room and quarantine rooms to house new arrivals.

The original part of the building houses Planned Pethood Clinic on the lower level and staff kitchen, break room and offices on the upper level. All Adoption Center animals have an examination, vaccinations, tests and parasite treatment upon arrival. They are spayed/neutered and microchipped.

Please stop by to visit with the animals! Even if you aren't ready to adopt a new companion pet, our dogs are always happy to get an extra walk and the puppies, cats and kittens love some extra attention.

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