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Fill Out One Our Online Adoption Applications

Are you interested in adopting an animal?

Start by filling out an application!

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application

Petsmart Cat Application

Small Mammal Adoption Application

Rabbit Adoption Application

Exotic/Other Adoption Application

Helpful Application Tips

To speed up processing your application please make sure that your veterinary reference information is correct and what name your pets are listed under.  Let the vet know we may be calling.

If renting, please check with your landlord first to see if there are any restrictions. 

Please get a copy of your rental lease.


If applying for an Emotional Support Animal and you rent, you must check with your landlord and get a copy of your lease.  Not all rentals allow ESA pets.  Please get all your paperwork for ESA pets approved first.

We do not have personnel resources to answer phone calls about application status.  We will email you when we receive your application usually within 2 working days (Tuesday - Saturday).  

For questions please email:

Adoption Fees

Dog & Puppy Adoption Fees

$250 - 8 weeks - 12 weeks

$225 - 12 weeks-16 weeks

$200 - 4 months-6 months

$175- 6 months - 1year

$150 - 1 year and older

$100 - older and little vetting needed

Discount of 25% for adoptions of 2 puppies or dogs adopted together:
2 puppies = $500-$125 discount = $375

Cat and Kitten Adoption Fees

$75 - 8 weeks-12 weeks

$60 - 3 months-6 months

$50 - 6 months-1year

$35 - 1 year and older

Discount on 2 cats or 2 kittens adopted together:

2 kittens -8-12 weeks = $100

2 kittens -3 – 6 months = $80

2 kittens- 6 months – 1 year = $60

2 cats – 1 year or older = $45

Of course the adoption fee doesn't cover the amount that it costs to  provide veterinary care, housing, food and care so please consider making a donation to help.

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