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Franklin County Humane Society
Planned Pethood Clinic & Adoption Center
​Funded By People Who Love Animals  
We do not receive any government funding.
Our mission is to create a community where all dogs and cats get a chance for a healthy and happy life in a loving home by promoting rescue, adoption, and spay/neuter.

Our Planned Pethood Clinic is dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and our Adoption Center provides a second chance for many wonderful animals.​

Our Planned Pethood Clinic provides over 3,000 spay and neuter surgeries every year and provides wellness care for the animals at our Adoption Center and for client animals.

Our Adoptable Pets

​Planned Pethood Clinic Special
$50 Outside Kitty Spay/Neuter!

Community Cats - Outside Cats - Feral Cats - Dumpster Cats - Barn Cats

We are grateful that you are feeding them, but there are millions of outside cats, and every year shelters are overwhelmed with kittens and mama cats.  Keep on feeding them, but call us for help to get them sterilized!

To help fight feline overpopulation, we are offering to spay or neuter your outside kitty for only $50. This includes spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, post surgery pain injection, and ear tip to identify cat as sterilized. 
Call (540) 489-3491 for an appointment.

Please do not trap until you check with us for an available appointment.
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